This Is Why I Love Being a Mechanic


Being a mechanic, I can honestly say that I love my job! There are some downsides to working in the industry, on which I won’t be focusing right now, but on those that make this profession an awesome one.



Every good mechanic has to know a lot and that occasionally becomes overwhelming to most of us. However, we often disregard how many things and details we actually know. This knowledge goes beyond transmissions and engines. It’s those details and slight differences made on models of cars produced just a year apart. Or, that the password 13864 is used on MK4 to recode the instrument cluster. Or, details such as the size of thread pitch, oil drain plugs and lug bolts, which are identical.

Mechanical Mind



You need to be mechanically inclined to do this job well. You need to take the entire car apart and then put it back together, not forgetting a single little detail, or it wouldn’t work properly. It can be really hard.  So, you need to have a mechanical mind. Fitting different parts is a skill every mechanic needs to have.

My colleague once had such a bad time while trying to take the fuel sensor off. He got so annoyed and told me the wrench cannot be fitted on that sensor. Very soon, he noticed that the wrench was upside down. We had a great laugh.

Side Work


This is one of the great perks of being a mechanic, but it can be a downside too. You are able to earn a lot by having a regular job and doing side work as well. You get cash while working in a relaxed manner. You aren’t in a hurry and often can enjoy a drink.

The downside is that people would like you to repair their cars for free. I have a regular full-time job and don’t do work on the side. However, I know bunch of people who have side work as well and they are very happy about that. They have a lot of work and earnings are great.


car tools

Tools are the part of the job for me. Buying new tools is such a great experience. Some people would think it’s crazy to spend over 400 dollars on wrench, but I love it. It’s well-invested money that will make my work much more effective and faster. It would quickly pay off. I also can take the tools I need so that I’m able to work at my place. Just carry a bag of tools I need and bring it with me.

Respect, Trust and Appreciation



Many people have a wrong idea about this job. They think that being a mechanic is not a respectable profession, with which I don’t agree. I feel respected every time any person asks me to give them a piece of advice or when I repair their car. I’ve never been, or felt, disrespected as a mechanic.

When bringing their car for repair, people trust me with something valuable to them and appreciate it when I make it work again.  A car is an expensive purchase, so the work I do on a man’s car can affect it for the following period of several years. Therefore, when they trust me with their car, it means so much to me.

Mechanics are valuable. Consider the dealers they spend so much money on training mechanics. Each training session costs over 600 dollars. That’s another advantage of this profession you are trained and with it you gain so much knowledge. If at any time you leave your current job, you still have the knowledge. You are able to keep working at another shop, or your own. You can make your own decisions. All these things make a mechanic’s job and profession a great one.