Cool Places to See in Quebec


Québec is the place that connects historic monuments, architecture and tradition with modern styles, buildings and art, in a special way that offers exquisite beauty, wonderful natural scenery and great attractions across the city. If you go sight-seeing, you shouldn’t miss out on these:

Old Québec

Old Quebec

Visit Old Québec and you’ll be able to see some amazing sites at this international treasure, including extraordinary, old architecture, beautiful historic sites and world-wide known Château Frontenac hotel. People come to this attraction to see street singers and performers, art galleries and carriages drawn by horses. You’ll be able to enjoy a spectacular view of the St. Lawrence River, which becomes icy in the winter time.

Fortifications of Québec

When it comes to Northern parts of America, the only city that has a fortification is Québec. The walls are over 4 kilometers long, showing the historical development of defense when the city was under English and French regimes. In this tour, you’ll see beautiful parts of the city, a Citadel in the shape of a star, fortresses, loopholes, cannons and much more.

Quartier Petit Champlain & Place Royale

Quartier Petit Champlain & Place Royale

See the place that connects old and modern times, where you can enjoy exploring architecture of old buildings and museums as well as boutiques, restaurants and modern art galleries. This attraction is most astounding and special during the Christmas holidays the Musée de la civilisation,  Quartier Petit Champlain and Place Royale are some of the most interesting places to visit.

St. Lawrence River & Vieux-Port de Québec

Visitors cannot overlook the St. Lawrence River that goes across a major area of the city. Throughout the history, it served as an important place for trading. The Vieux-Port de Québec is the place for docking cruisers, and also for the public market, bike-riding paths and other activities. Watch the marine species at the Aquarium du Québec, located close to the bridges.

Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré Shrine

Many people consider this attraction a place that makes miracles happen. It’s the oldest site that pilgrims visited. Around a million people come to see it each year. The basilica is built in a Roman style and contains a Saint Anne’s statue made of gold. The artwork is extraordinary and worth the visit, along with the the Côte-de-Beaupré’s pristine countryside.

Montmorency Falls Park


The waterfall is higher than the Niagara Falls and is an 83-meter high phenomenon of nature. You can go on a tour around the waterfall’s cove either by riding in a gondola or by hiking to see the truly remarkable scenery.  

Plains of Abraham

You can ski, hike, ride a bike and enjoy beauties of nature in the largest urban park in the world. This very place is home to the national festival of Québec that takes place on 24th of June each year.


Explore the fascinating culture of aborigines at 17th century Wendake the site of the ancestral Huron-Wendat nation. Discover more about their tradition by seeing dance performances and legends and visit many craft shops at Musée huron-wendat. Enjoy walking through beautiful nature of the Kabir Kouba Falls and try traditional cuisine of Huron.

Parliament Hill

Parliament Hill has a growing popularity among the visitors and for good reasons. The building of Parliament has an extraordinary architecture and is the place where the National Assembly of Québec convenes.

The Fontaine de Tourny the gold medal-winning monument at the World Fair in Paris in the 19th century contains sculptures, over 40 jets, and gorgeous lighting during the night. It used to be placed in France but is now a landmark of Québec.

You can also enjoy a spectacular view of the city from the Observatoire de la Capitale  a 221-meter high building that brings great excitement to its visitors.

Île d’Orléans

This is Québec’s countryside where you can see churches and farms that look today much like they used to, back in the 19th century. It’s a place of irresistible beauty with numerous farm stalls and artisans offering tasty food, traditional dishes and fresh fruit that you can enjoy in their season.