The Reasons to Compare Different Bottled Water Brands

Bottled water comes in many different brands and some are better than others, depending on what you’re looking for. If your tap water doesn’t taste good to you, or your simply prefer to buy bottled water, it’s important to read what’s in them before deciding on a brand. You may want to also make sure the bottles themselves are free of BPA and other chemicals that are found in plastics and may leach into the water.

When it comes time to compare bottled water brands there are a few major considerations. The main one is sodium. Some brands have added sodium, and while it’s negligible and doesn’t usually alter the taste, it may be an unnecessary addition to your daily sodium intake. There are also pricier water brands that have electrolytes and minerals added. These offer many health claims and some people swear by them as a way to feel healthier and have better looking skin.

If you just want a water brand that tastes good without all the extras, you may look for a bottled water that is glacial filtered. This type of water goes through very minimal processing from collection to bottling and is one of the most natural forms of water and closest to what you would get if you went out in the forest to collect it yourself. Other brands of water are filtered in a factory and may come from springs or other water sources.